Investigative and Analytical Interviewing - 03 April 2016

Investigative and Analytical Interviewing

In November 2011, Richard the MD of TSA Europe along with only 30 others worldwide was personally invited to attend the Newberry/Geiselman annual two week workshop in California which teaches advanced techniques in Analytical and Cognitive interviewing. Following this workshop Richard will be certified in investigative interviewing skills as well as forensic interviewing techniques.These valuable skills will not only allow us to improve what we offer with regards to assessing truthfulness in the business world but Richard will also be qualified to train others in this much sort after method.

We will therefore offer these skills by embedding them into upcoming workshops as this knowledge would be of great value to executives and managers especially those involved in high level negotiations. This expertise, especially with the added value of the structured cognitive approach, will also be of great significance and worth to you if you want to be able to effectively interview any high value candidate for a senior executive role. The knowledge you obtain will provide you with the utmost confidence that your judgement of a senior individual, negotiation, sales deal or any impacting decision will not just be based on a gut feeling but also a secure grasp of the science behind ‘the truth’.

This is all the detail we can share with you at this moment in time, but when Richard returns in April we will update our news section with an overview of what was covered and how we will be applying these to our programmes and workshops in the future.

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