"I like working with you guys, because you're smart and it's easy to work with smart people. You have opinions and I know that you are going to challenge me for all the right reasons. I know that you will stretch yourself and us, because of the way you are - what you do seems like a passion for you, not just a job and we will get the benefit from that".
Rob Woolley
Director, University for All
Co-operative Financial Services

Our People

Choosing the right consultant is important not only are you choosing someone for their experience and depth of knowledge, you are also selecting a partner that will be a reflection of your decision making process and someone who will represent you and your department to the rest of your organisation.
A good consultant possesses excellent listening skills and has a flexible approach to time management, working around you and your business demands.  We believe that he or she should have excellent judgement, be a team player and work well with you and your people.  They should have the maturity and interdependent ethic to involve other experts when specialist knowledge is needed, even if that expertise lies outside of their own organisation. Your consultant must be critically aware of your reputation and must foster the brand of your company and the assigning department.  They should connect closely with the internal stakeholders and will standout as individuals who are trusted advisors and ethically responsible.
So why choose us?  Simply put, we do all of the above. And more.

Team UK

Richard is the Managing Director of TSA Europe and a qualified Behaviourist with particular expertise in assessing credibility using paralinguistics. His business career spans 30 years of working globally and includes senior roles in high growth companies, turnaround situations, Merger and Acquisitions and international business development in Europe, U.S. and the Far East. A particular expert in sectors such as High Technology, Financial Services and Retail. Richard works with many of our clients helping them to deliver HPM programmes and carries out executive coaching to board and senior management within these clients.
Basil is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with significant experience in Financial Services, Retail Home Improvement and Manufacturing Sectors. He has a specialist background in Recruitment, Leadership Development, Sales Performance Management and Coaching in both B2B and B2C environments. His experience includes all aspects of Learning and Development from Strategy to analysis, design, delivery, implementation and evaluation with a track record in stimulating bottom-line growth through the creation and execution of innovative learning and coaching interventions. In addition he has put in place successful People Engagement and Personal Development Programs improving employee engagement and climate for our clients and his previous employers.  A motivated and qualified practitioner of behavioural science he is able to communicate and influence at all levels, helping to implement and guide the business vision and culture, through superior execution and engagement.

Brian is a Senior Consultant and Senior Facilitator with over 30 years’ experience in the Global Technology and Professional Services Sector. He has held board level positions as Sales Director, run a division of a major global telecommunications company as a General Manager and operated within start up and venture capital owned business. He has operated in a wide variety of cultures: American, European and Asia Pacific; with organisations as varied as Government, manufacturing, travel, commercial and international finance. Brian has a proven track record of business development and negotiating and delivering large scale, multimillion pound services agreements globally and within EMEA as well as leading large multi-disciplined teams in delivering ongoing services.

Rob is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with 25 years of board level experience in the UK Financial Services Sector. He has held the positions of Director of Customer Services and Director of Training, Learning and Development in the UK's leading financial institutions. He has a proven track record of delivering large scale, multimillion pound business change projects, sales and service improvement programmes and has increased customer and staff engagement through effective leadership. He has extensive knowledge of Call Centres and multichannel Customer Service delivery along with the development and delivery of Leadership, Cultural, Brand and Coaching programmes. 

Katy is a Consultant and Facilitator with over 30 years senior career experience in Sales, Customer Service and Leadership Development.  Katy spent 13 years with a major mobile services provider, and has particular expertise in Telecoms, Retail and Industrial Sectors.  Katy has an exceptional track record and has recently taken 54 Leaders through a 12-month Leadership Programme which incorporated coaching to ensure the changes were embedded successfully.  Katy has a deep passion for Executive coaching and enabling change in others and has extensive knowledge on the skills and techniques used to enable and sustain change in leadership performance.
Ben is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with 25 years of senior management and directorial experience in the Commercial, Industrial and Technology Services Sectors. He has held a variety of management and senior leadership positions in Strategic Planning, Sales, Commercial Operations and Customer Service, and has developed and acquired considerable experience in Large Scale Organisational Transformation. He founded an organisation providing Document Management and Digital Services to the Legal Sector which was highly successful and in 2005 he exited the business through an internal MBO. Since then he has worked as an independent consultant and in 2011 joined TSA as one of our most senior facilitators.
Isabel is our Portuguese Country Principal and is a seasoned Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach. She has extensive experience in areas as diverse as Operations Management, HR Management, Team Leadership, Customer Service and After-Sales Service. With a specific focus on Premium/Luxury Businesses, Isabel is known for her diplomacy, adaptability and savvy counseling. Native Portuguese speaker, she is also fluent in English, French, German and Spanish.
Susan is a Senior Consultant, Sales Coach and Facilitator with over 30 years' experience selling to both the private and public sectors. Susan has successfully sold both products and services with very short sales cycles as well as those following lengthy and complex OJEU procurement procedures. Having worked for the likes of DHL Express, Lyreco, Mouchel and Northgate Information Solutions, her experience of working with multiple stakeholers is vast. A Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing UK, Susan is an engaging speaker on the subject of selling and is a regular contributor to the Institute of Sales and Marketing Managements publication "Winning Edge".

Stuart is a Senior Consultant and Sales Coach with over 30 years of experience in Sales & Negotiation, Customer Service and Management. He has held senior positions in FMCG marketplace, Telecoms, Contact Centres & the Hospitality Industry and works regularly with our clients to build bespoke training and coaching programmes. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Managers, a member of The Institute of Customer Service, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, The eLearning Alliance and Professional Speakers Association, an accredited Belbin Assessor and classes himself as a cynical NLP Practioner.
Steven is a Senior Consultant and TSA Europe’s BoardWalk expert having over 15 years’ experience in the successful delivery of this powerful corporate and executive development tool. He has worked across Europe, Australia, Africa and the US with some of the world’s most prestigious companies – including Google, Danone, Boeing, The Ritz Carlton, Liberty Life and Barclays. Steven’s time spent analysing and advising these high-profile global growth businesses, at Boardroom level, has shaped an intuitive methodology based on driving innovation, maximizing revenues and developing top talent. From a strong commercial background in professional services, Steven also facilitates programmes in leadership, management development and sales training.

Don is a Senior Consultant, Facilitator and Coach with over 30 years' experience working across diverse Commercial Environments. Don's career started in FMCG and now successfully spans 3 decades in FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies from direct sales roles through to Directorships in predominantly B2B environments. He has operated across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas working with participants from over 40 individual country locations. Don's passion and area of expertise is working with people to change their behaviours which in turn changes their results. This principle underpins all that he does and is the foundation of his approach to facilitating, coaching and development. Don is an accredited coach with The Association of Coaching and a member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.
Lesley is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with a background in senior HR management within the retail industry. She is an approved coach and assessor for the Chartered Management Institute and specialises in performance management, leadership and team development, working across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Sylvia is a Senior Consultant and Occupational Psychologist with extensive expertise in leadership development working alongside a range of blue chip UK companies and international clients as well as a wide range of public sector organisations. She has HR Management experience and her previous roles have included Director of Consulting, Director of Talent Strategy, Head of Executive Assessment, Head of Assessment and Development Centres and Head of Psychometric Training for SHL Group Plc. Sylvia is a fellow of the CIPD and an established speaker at HR and business conferences where she has run workshops on international assessment, leadership and development and performance management.
Sophie is a Consultant and Facilitator who has a degree in Psychology and Criminology. Her area of expertise lies in Psychometry and leadership assessment. Sophie is also a fully certified FACS coder, and has developed deep expertise in evaluating credibility using the face as a primary channel. She has industry experience in the hospitality, IT, and media communication sectors.
Robin is a Consultant and Facilitator with over 30 years' experience in Criminal Investigation and Case Management. Robin is a qualified Coach and Lead Instructor at the UKs leading Investigation Institution and is regularly called upon to lecture commercial investigation methods worldwide. Robin was instrumental in several significant projects that introduce modern learning and delivery methods into the UK Police Force and ultimately accepted a National Role delivering and coordinating training across the UK. He has taken this considerable knowledge and experience and adapted many of these techniques for Modern Leadership, Sales Engagement, Critical Thinking and people management. 
Mark is a Consultant and sales Coach with over 10 years of experience in Sales, Business Development and Leadership. He has extensive expertise in the art of presenting and Human Performance improvement and has helped and supported many employees of leading worldwide corporations. He has worked at 1-2-1 level as a leadership coach and has presented to audiences in the thousands as a corporate facilitator. Mark is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and can facilitate workshops in English, Mandarin or both. He is the US and APAC Country Principal for TSA Europe.
Louise is an Executive Assistant and Operations Manager, having a background in Contract Furnishing, Retail Financial Services and Commercial Property Development. She has extensive experience in day to day operations management and business process redesign and streamlining. She also has a personal interest in breeding and behavioural education of Finnish Lapphunds, a skill that comes in handy when you have consultants and directors disappearing off in all directions.
Tracy is an Accounts Supervisor and deals with the day to day running of our financial systems with a background in Engineering and Financial Systems administration. Tracy has significant experience in setting up financial systems and has just migrated our accounting system to a “cloud based” application. Suffice to say, we all try to stay on her best side as it is she who pays the wages and the expenses.
Simona is an Actress and Facilitator with a background in delivering customer service and sales training programmes within HR, telecommunications and the oil and gas sectors. She has project managed HR projects for several multinational companies in Romania and has Masters degrees in Management and Acting. Simona has acted specifically in the theatre in Romania and she speaks Romanian, English, Italian and French fluently.

Team Eire

Paul is a Senior Consultant with over 20 years Management experience in blue chip and multinational companies. Paul has extensive knowledge of HRM and employment law, performance management, leadership, and coaching.
John our Country Principal, is a Senior Consultant with a background in Operations Management, Supply Chain and TQM in World Class Organisations. A former lecturer in the Irish Management Institute, John has held senior roles across Europe in service and manufacturing operations and now works in areas as diverse as Organisational Development, Training and Quality System implementation and Management Development.
Sharon is a Facilitator and Actress having worked extensively in Television and Theatre and has worked with The Law Society and the Royal College of Surgeons.

Team France

Jessica is a Facilitator with a deep understanding of behaviour and communication gained from a career in the television and film industry. Following this successful period in her life she decided to pursue a career in the commercial world and became an international facilitator in the development of public speaking and presentation skills.
Nathalie is our French Country Principal and is a highly-experienced Consultant and Facilitator with considerable expertise in designing and delivering tailor-made learning solutions, including leadership, management development, behavioural change, communication and customer service programmes with over 15 years’ business experience and management consulting in the luxury goods industry.
Pascale is an HR Consultant, Coach and Second Facilitator with a corporate background having more than 20 years of international experience in training and HR development in the high technology and media piloting sectors.

Team Germany

Silke is a Senior Facilitator and Coach with extensive experience in marketing and communications having an international management background In IT and Telco industries. Silke works out of Munich and has worked as a consultant and coach since 2004. She specialises in leadership; value based organisational consulting and leading change.
Daniel is our Lead Facilitator, Country Principal, Coach and Mediator with 15 years’ experience having worked on projects in over 20 countries in EMEA and is based in Frankfurt. He specialises in building resilience in companies and individuals, team development and conflict resolution. Daniel holds Masters Degrees in Psychology and Mediation and a PHD in Psychology.
Stefanie is an Actress and Facilitator and is trained in theatre pedagogy. She works in the field of business theatre and is expert in facilitating group processes by transferring communication patterns into stage performances, giving the opportunity to observe, discuss and alter behaviours.

Team Italy

Keryn is a Facilitator with a deep knowledge of HR processes working extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe in ICT and the Banking sector.
Michele is a skilled Facilitator with an extensive knowledge of HR throughout Europe, specializing in the power of collaboration in order to maximize learning. Michele is fluent in English and Italian.
Diane our Country Principal, Senior Consultant and Facilitator with 25 years’ experience in human performance heads our Italian team. She has worked in Manufacturing, Logistics, Insurance, IT and the Public Sector across Europe, Australia, Singapore and the USA and is fluent in English and Italian.

Team Romania

Renaldo is a Consultant and Facilitator with many years’ experience working within management development. Being one of the pioneers in distance learning in Romania, Renaldo is among the founders of one of the most respected and recognized training and consultancy firms in Romania. He is an Associate Lecturer for the Open University Business School UK courses in Romania and for The University of Bucharest.
Alina our Romanian Country Principal, is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with expertise in the development and delivery of customised learning programs for a wide range of industries. Author of a Business Communication and Conduct book, Alina is an affiliate member of several national and international training bodies and an Associate Professor in an international intensive MBA programme.
Roxana is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with expertise in HR management and the delivery of training programs including organizational management and strategic planning.

Team Spain

Javier is a Senior Consultant with a background in the Banking and IT sectors. He has solid experience in project management, implementation and team development.
Ana is a Facilitator and Actress with a history in Radio, delivering management programmes and having particular expertise in verbal and non- verbal communication.
Jose is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with a background in Industrial Engineering and Sales and Marketing, he has significant experience in leading teams in a variety of organisations including BEYMA and Arcor SAIC. He is a professor at IEDE Business School lecturing in International Marketing and Business Development and is our Lead Facilitator.
Quique is our Country Principal and Senior Consultant and Facilitator with a background in HR and Marketing. He is a Master in Sociology and Technology and has sound experience in communication and social behaviour.

Team Benelux

Tjarko is a Consultant and Facilitator with a background in HR and Sales and Accounts Management. He is a Master in Psychology and specialises in Social and Sports Psychology, with an expertise in analysing natural behaviour and the permanent enhancement of performance of individuals and teams under stress. 
Anna is a Consultant and Facilitator with a background in Cultural Anthropology and has expertise in communication, HR and Diversity Management. She has over 5 years’ experience working throughout the Technical, Hospitality, Service and Intellectual Industry and has worked with the UN, International NGO’s and the Dutch Police Force. 
Duco is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with a background in Organisational Sociology and Psychology. He has over 15 years’ expertise in developing and delivering result oriented performance improvement programmes within Management and Sales Development in a broad range of leading Dutch companies. Duco’s professional ‘hobby’ is research in non-verbal behaviour and its use in business settings.

Team Nordics

Karin has worked as a Consultant and Facilitator for 9 years being involved in change projects within organisations both in Sweden and internationally. Karin is a certified Executive Coach with formal education in marketing and behavioural science and has solid management experience within the IT industry, manufacturing and the public sector; she is fluent in English and Swedish.
Juan Pablo our Country Principal, has worked as an International Consultant since 1993, being successful in performance improvement intervention and change processes for organisations in 15 different countries, helping both organisations and individuals achieve measurable and meaningful results. For seven years he worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UN) in public affairs and communications. Juan Pablo has a formal education in journalism and communication, significant managerial experience particularly from the IT industry and is fluent in English, Swedish and Spanish.
Madeleine is a Project Support Manager with a background in the media industry. Having solid expertise in business development and a formal education in Marketing Madeleine has worked on many international projects and speaks fluent English and Swedish.

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