"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved".
Mattie Stepanek


At TSA Europe we have strong psychological and psychometric evidence that exceptionally high performers have an interdependent attitude towards goal achievement and we firmly maintain that two brains or more are better than one at achieving this.  At TSA Europe we hugely value the brains and experience of our collaborators when it comes to engineering the best human performance management programmes possible.
Significant research, analysis and development go into creating the HPM programmes at TSA Europe and considerable investment is made in our ground-breaking deception detection workshops and in our mission to make leading edge behavioural science accessible to executives, leaders and managers. The development planning and the working processes that underpin our consultancy and development delivery are always on-going and we select our collaborators in this process very carefully. 
The majority of our partners and collaborators are approached by us in the first instance after careful research into their products and services.  The approach usually happens for two reasons, one, we approach a particular partner because a client has given us a specific project to undertake and we believe this partner's products and services would be ideal for this particular assignment.  The other way we enter into collaboration is when TSA Europe takes a strategic decision to conduct research or execute delivery of a programme and we believe that partnering with this company would be strategically mutually advantageous.
Whatever method of approach we use, you can be guaranteed that we have taken considerable time in reviewing what is available in the market and we have selected these partners as examples of best in class.  We also base our selection criteria on their dedication to client delivery, leading edge services, robust and scientifically validated products and finally because we are sure that their values as an organisation are closely aligned to those of TSA Europe.


Bright Purple
TSA Europe are heavily involved in a wide variety of restructures and surplus management projects. Following many of these projects we are required to assist the client in finding new staff, new managers and new leaders for their organisation. We have found Bright Purple to be an excellent partner in searching and head-hunting these key roles.
Talent Innovations  
TSA Europe have extensive expertise in executive assessment and behavioural analysis interviewing. These skills enable us to identify typical default behaviours of the assessees. To compliment these specialist skills we place great trust in Talent Innovations who in our opinion provide the leading customised 360 degree feedback platform. Their applications are backed up by expert consultancy and in our view Elva Ainsworth, the MD of T.I. is the leading expert in the field of 360 degree analysis.
On many of the projects that we undertake, there is a requirement to conduct extensive research into either customer or employee opinion and subsequent behaviour. We have worked with Inmerco for 6 years and their expertise in value analysis, employee surveys and customer data analytic is second to none. We work with Inmerco on our worldwide projects and we are always delighted with the work they undertake.
Learning Paths International
Learning Paths International is the worldwide body for Learning Paths methodology which reduces time to proficiency by applying the best of quality improvement and accelerated learning techniques. TSA Europe have used these techniques to redesign onboarding processes and talent management programmes. We have found no other technique that works so effectively.
ISPI is the leading international association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. Their mission is to develop and recognise the proficiency of their members and to advocate the use of Human Performance Technology in organisational development projects. TSA Europe have benefited greatly from being members of this organisation, both formally and informally.
Erika Rosenberg 
Erika Rosenberg is a world renowned psychologist and has extensive expertise in the field of facial expression measurement using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS). Erika has worked closely with TSA Europe providing us with key insights and advancements in the field of Emotional Concealment identification using the face. Erika is a world renowned author and we would highly recommend two of her books;
SJS Solutions
TSA Europe have considerable expertise in improving human performance in the call centre environment. In many of our development programmes we preach the ethic of immediate feedback. In the call centre environment a key aspect of encouraging behavioural change is for the agents, to see in real-time, the effects of their performance. SJS Solutions provide call and contact centre optimisation technology in the form of real-time reporting and wall board technology. TSA selected SJS as a key partner due to their solutions superiority and their incredible backup and support. We would urge that if you are considering real-time technology to elicit behavioural change to spend some time discussing your requirements with this great company. 
TSA Europe use the services of Getfeedback extensively. We have worked with them for 4 years and in our opinion they are the leading provider of online psychometrics in the UK. This technology is backed up with incredible service and in many instances Getfeedback have worked through the night to get us the data that we need to complete projects.
TalentLens deliver a range of effective and robust assessments to support any of your recruitment and selection decisions. TSA Europe use many of the TalentLens products to predict the performance of potential and current employees in a range of roles and across different levels.

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